Let’s fall in love with Edmonton Alberta

Girl in the River Valley in Edmonton. Lets fall in love with Edmonton.

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Being born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, I can say that I was never a fan. I don’t know if it was due to my immense hatred of winter – which is bitter and cold in Edmonton.

Or if it’s just the fact that I spent my entire life here and never really appreciated it. You know the old saying, the grass is always greener on the other side.

I want to fall in love with Edmonton!

In fact, I was so eager to get away so I did! I moved to Edinburgh Scotland and fell in love. It was just a temporary visa so after my visa had expired I returned to Edmonton. I returned to my old job and the way of life I knew before I left Edmonton.

Edmonton is a really cool city!

When I take a step back I can see how cool Edmonton is from an outsider perspective. We have amazing festivals, a stunning river valley and a gorgeous skyline.

However, when I am in the thick of things my love for Edmonton doesn’t exist. There are so many fun things to do in Edmonton, fun things to do in Edmonton for Adults, and a ton of things to do in Edmonton in the winter.

I know I am not the only person who doesn’t really appreciate the city they are from and the city they spend their entire lives. In fact, I have several friends who were born and raised in Edinburgh and they hate it!

I cannot understand how they can dislike such a great city. Surely there are people out there that wonder how I do not enjoy Edmonton to the fullest when I know there are great things about the capital city of Alberta.

I started a blog where I discuss dark travels and all things Edinburgh. This is when I received an incredible compliment from a friend. He said that my blog helped him fall in love with Edinburgh.

If I could do that for him – could I do that for myself with exploring Edmonton Alberta Canada?

I want to love Edmonton. I want to be a proud Edmonton. This is where I need you! If you have a favourite festival, restaurant, attraction or site in Edmonton – connect with me! I want to know why you love it so I can love it too!

Let’s fall in love with Edmonton

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